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Falcons Talk - Today at 4:00


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Hello folks,

I host The Bill Shanks Show on WFSM Fox Sports 1670 in Macon, Georgia.

Let me first give you some insight on how my station has been involved in these Dorsey rumors just to clear anything up. When I called the KC reporter to have him on my show Thursday to talk about the Gonzalez trade, he told me that he had heard there were more discussions going on involving Glenn Dorsey coming to Atlanta. He did not think the Falcons and Chiefs were finished yet.

I told him we had read about the rumor on the Internet on Wednesday and actually talked about it on our show. I did not say anything about hearing the Falcons were going to give up a draft pick or two draft picks for Dorsey. All I told him was we had read the Internet rumor that was up a few days ago and had talked about it on the program.

How it got spun, from one website to another, and included our station call letters is beyond me. But I don't want anyone to think we were starting any rumor. We were just discussing the rumor we had read about online and ran with that for discussion.

Now I will tell you this: the KC reporter I had on my show (and I'm not blaming him for putting our call letters out there) was very adament about his sources about the Dorsey trade discussions. I told him D. Orlando Ledbetter had shot it down on our show, and he was still believing in what his sources were telling him that discussions were going on.

That all being said, I want to invite all of you to join me today in the 4:00 pm ET hour for Falcons talk. We want phone calls on our show from you, the Falcons fans, to tell us who you want the Falcons to draft and why. I want good Falcons discussions. So please join us on The Bill Shanks Show at 4:00 pm ET for Falcons Talk. Go to www.foxsports1670.com and click on the speaker icon at the top to listen live. Our phone number is 478-471-1670. And Wes Durham will be on with us at 5:30 today as well to talk about the draft.

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Takes a lot of GUTS to come onto this Forum and announce yourself ;)

Would be cool if some others did, but they obviously are too Chicken to do so.

Hope you will stick around and become a worthy contributer to the Forum.

If yer good enough somebody might even make you a Really Cool Avatar.

If you Stink the place up then, yours truly will make you an avatar.

Welcome to the Forums Bill


There are a few Outstanding contributors 2 doors down in the Draft and FA Forum.

Some of these guys Rival that of Anybody Nation Wide!

Rumor has it that a Final Mock might be posted sometime today by ...(cant release his name)


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We're talking about the draft now and want you to call in.



Bill, I have been pushing your show for a while here.

Apparently so well that you had to move to a much better station.

Keep up the good work !!

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Cool deal. It is cool to see him on here.

He got a cool show. I listen to it all the time. Called in a few times to talk about the Falcons or GT. It is better than any of the talk shows up in Atlanta. It is pretty much a 3 hour show M-F that does nothing but talk about the Falcons, UGA, GT, and Braves. A little talk about the Hawks come up every now and then, and they also talk about other college football teams in the south. It is a caller driven show, but they have people like J-Mike, D. Orlando, Wes Durham, and college reporters from a lot of different SEC schools (mainly UF and UGA) on regulary. They have interviewed a lot of Falcons players.

Way better than the crap like 2 Live Stews. Shanks is a huge UGA fan (alum), but his producer is a huge GT fan so it is a good mix. Both are big Falcons and Braves fans. After listening to all the national talk shows all day talk about the Cowboys, Giants, USC Trojans, Yankees, and Red Sox all day, it is nice to only hear talk about all the teams you follow and grew up watching.

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Glad to be here.

I'll let you guys know when we have Falcons content on our radio show in the future.

Looking forward to Saturday. Should be fun. Wondering about this Dorsey stuff like everyone, but just can't wait to see how the defensive depth chart looks after the draft on Monday.

Not sure about another book anytime soon. Maybe one day. Next book might be on pitching (not the Braves bullpen!).

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