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Madden 10 Trailer inside.

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Cool! Here is my take on it.

First that comes to mind is blocking. Thank god! The mechanics look much improved over previous versions.

Tackling. I love the group tackling. Many people don't realize how hard it is to tackle someone one on one in the open field. That being said, the hits put on quarterbacks still look weak. Those need to be turned up about 3 notches.

The field looks great, some more work could be done with the fans, but its still an improvement.

Here's to hoping they keep working on the basics!

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I am just happy that falcons offense will but unstoppable almost.

the sad thing is, this past year in Madden people would play me because I was the Falcons and they thought they could get an easy win.... next year everyone is going to be the Falcons, and it is going to be considered "cheap" for using them. Maybe I will play a few games with the Lions :P

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