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After waiting, and waiting... it happened! Gonzo has officially touched down to the dome! I've been racking my brain trying to fit our needs (and my favoritism lol) into one draft... HERE WE GO (Feedback is expected fellow fans)

1) Larry English- DE- NIU: You have to love this guy's burst off the snap, along with that closing speed at the DE position. I know he seems too much like "only" a pass rusher, but even if he is, that's exactly what we missed from anyone not named Abe lol!

2.) Patrick Chung- S- Oregon: Some say he's a traditional "in the box" SS, BUT this guy can cover! Good ballskills, good range, Relentless hitter (gotta love that). It allows our safeties the chance to roam without fear of the defense getting roasted.

3.) Victor Harris- CB- VT: Remember that favoritism I mentioned??? Meet Mucho! Tough corner that plays faster than timed, has great vision, and is a natural leader. Definite steal in the 3rd... IMO

4.) Roy Miller- DT- Texas: Another big body in attempt to fill the void left by Grady. Gets into the backfield. Plays to the whistle. He may not push for the starting spot, but he is a capable back-up.

5.) Jason Williams- OLB- W. Illinois: 6'1" 240,runs a 4.4, good blitzer, and he can drop into coverage. Small school but still has huge potential.

5.) Lydon Murtha- OT- Nebraska: Hugh guy, but very quick on his feet (6'7" 307, ran a 4.89). Long arms and he can get to the second level quickly. Sometimes he doesn't play up to his measurements, but that's a issue that can be corrected.

6.) With this pick I don't have a specific player. Im hearing that McClure may holdout, so I say use this pick for the best CENTER available.

Our Offense is GOING to explode. There's no doubting that. Defense has holes but not as many as we think. We just have alot of John Doe's or no-names. Thoughts?

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