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McClure situation overblown.

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Talk of holdout, retirement for Falcons C Todd McClure overblown

By Dan Parr

April 23, 2009

While rumors spread that C Todd McClure boycotted the Falcons' voluntary workouts and is contemplating retirement in an effort to show frustration with his contract situation, sources say that is not the case. McClure, an 11th-year veteran, is not facing pressure to attend the workouts and isn't considering holding out of mandatory events, although he would like to re-work his deal. He signed a five-year, $10 million extension in 2006 and still has three years left on the contract. McClure, considered a team leader, is coming off one of the best seasons of his career and has started every game since '02. The Falcons would like to find an eventual replacement for McClure through the draft, but we hear they have no intention to replace him in the near future. GM Thomas Dimitroff is unlikely to give him a new contract within the year because of salary-cap constraints, but he could re-address the situation in '10.


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He was embarrassed we were willing to move on so McClure's trying to sweep this under a rug.


i doubt it though. he is old and a veteran ? maybe he is just taking a little break ? I dont know, but maybe its like when we had Dunn and he didnt practice on wednesdays i think, maybe we have McClure not practicing voluntary workouts? plus its just "voluntary" ?

I just hope we can resolve this quickly, no need to make any holes to an almost complete offense.

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