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A look at Tony Gonzalez


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Contract Details - Due $4 million, $4.5 million, and $5.75 million over the next 3 years, none guaranteed. That's an average of $4.75 million per over the next 3 seasons. In comparison, Kellen Winslow just got a 6 year $36 million deal. I know, Winslow is younger. He's also less productive and more injury prone.

Let's compare, and I will ignore the first two years for Winslow since he totalled his bike and didn't play.

Winslow has missed 10 starts over the past 2 seasons. Gonzalez has missed none.

Winslow has 1 1000 yard season over the past 3 years. Gonzalez has had two.

Winslow has 11 TD's over the past 3 seasons. Gonzalez has 20!

Winslow had 428 yards and 3 TD's last season. Gonzalez led TE's in yards with 1,058 AND TD's with 10!

Winslow has lost 2 fumbles in the past two seasons, in only 22 games. Gonzalez has lost 0 fumbles in the past 9 seasons.

Over the last 11 seasons, Tony Gonzalez has missed 2 games. Winslow has missed 40 games in 5 seasons.

Winslow has not had more than 5 TD's over the past 3 seasons. Gonzalez has not had less than 5.

The past 3 seasons cumulative:

Winslow has 11 TD's, 2409 yards, 11.26 ypc, 2 fumbles, with a longest catch of 49 yards.

Gonzalez has 20 TD's, 3130 yards, 11.68 ypc, 0 fumbles, with a longest catch of 57 yards.

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