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Who thinks TD is finished with trades?

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Ok we have the best TE in the NFL now! Is there anyway we can or will get one of the best LB'S in this years draft? I wouldnt be suprised to see TD do something and walk away with (for example)- Clay Matthews and Larry English! You guys know who is still a Free Agent- Chris Mccallister!! Could Td be up to any of this let the magic begin

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It would not surprise me to see movement out of the 24th position to be

sure we get a certain player or moving down to add picks. When the TG

trade talk started a couple or 3 weeks ago they were talking a second and

a 5th or something on the MB. I had myself almost sold on it when all the

talk dried up. Then they started talking Dorsey and that was adding insult

to injury and I called BS on it. Now that TD and Pioli have actually traded

I think that is more of a possibility. I like this trade for a couple of reasons

1-we still have this year's draft in place

2-I am not sold on Pettigrew

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