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Jason Campbell to Bucs?


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Bucs pro personnel director Doug Williams is a "big fan" of Jason Campbell, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Tampa and Campbell are both the subject of QB trade rumors right now. An ex-Redskin himself, Williams may have gained some power when GM Bruce Allen was fired. It will still likely take a three-team deal to get Campbell to Tampa.

With all the rumors going around the Redskins wanna deal up to the #4 slot to land QB Mark Sanchez. I could see it happening. Wouldn't give up anything but a 3rd or 4th. Im sure the redskins would be dumb enough to do it.

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B-Nasty, I really don't see that helping your Bucs out substantially. Imagine having to

learn yet another offense, I almost feel sort of sorry for Campbell. Guess Campbell is better than

the other QB's on your roster.

Not like has problems learning new offenses anyways. He has put up good #s regardless.

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Interesting to see how your entire Offense adapts to the ZBS. Campbell actually

might do better outside of the NFC East, but who really knows.

Our lineman where made for the ZBS for the most part, Sears may struggle. But we still have Zuttah who is able to play every position on the line and started at Guard last year for the first couple games. Not worried about the line on the offensive side at all.

We have a couple of guys on D who need to step up though, Greg Peterson is now ready to play and is up to 315 pounds and Dre Moore needs to show why he was a 4th rounder.

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