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What is the last concert you attended?


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Last Concert was Cky (before that it was Lamb of God and Children of Bodom)

Favorite concert is tough.

ACDC put on one **** of a show when i seen them last november. Definatley the best huge concert i've seen.

As for favorite it would have to Be Flogging Molly

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Last concert has been a while, but it was the Project 9-6-1 Cinco De Mayo concert with Shinedown at the Tabernacle, my wife made it to the finals of the hottest senorita contest.

Favorite concert was in 2006, and was The Mars Volta at the tabernacle.

And I will add the funniest concert I've been at. Center Stage in 2008 for The Dan Band.

I love the Tabernacle. Easily the best place I've ever been to for a concert.

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My last concert was SuiSideShow at Dreamers in Roxboro, NC. I was the drummer. :P

but other people? It was probably John Prine at the Fox Theatre. Long ago. It was a favorite just for getting to see an American legend.His Bass player had a Dee Dee Ramone haircut and we waited outside and met them so here was me talking with John Prine and his bass player about the Ramones. a great memory.

But as far as people giving a show, it was Ted Nugent/Kiss in Knoxville or Skid Row/Pantera at the Fox.

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Last concert - Blake Shelton (good show, by the way)

Best concert - probably the Eagles in 1994, but Skid Row at the Roxy has to be a close second (height of their popularity -- they had booked the show prior to blowing up, then they just exploded. Great show).

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Last show I went to....Mark Knopfler at Portsmouth, Va. Right on the water front. AWESOME show. Dude is amazing on the guitar.

Best show is probably Pink Floyd. The only draw back to a Pink Floyd show is they pack 50K+ where ever they went and I like the smaller venues better.

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