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Did you hear the Espn talk about the trade?


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Yeah I saw Trent on ESPN.

I made the same comments a few weeks back.

Tony has a ton of savvy and will pass that along to Ryan.

Throw Mularkeys Gadgetry in the mix and we are going to

see some Sick play calling.

One OC in the Booth, one on the field, both feeding intel to

General Ryan.

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Hate to rain on the parade, but my question is will we use him to his full potential? This was my argument about not drafting Pettigrew.

he is obviously not going to have the numbers he did in kc where the only other threat was bowe. here you have to get touches to the rbs, roddy, jenkins, and douglass. but he will be used and if you look close enough you will the effective of having the best TE in the game on our offense as far as what it will open up.

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I'm so sorry but there is nothing negative to say about this trade! The potential positives by FAR outweigh any negatives that any one person can/could think of!

They were completely gushing over this! Unbelievable! Not one nonchalant answer! We have this team with an albeit tough, but hella exciting schedule! Ladies and Gentleman, your 2009 Atlanta Falcons!

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