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How do Chiefs fans feel?

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"This will be my 43rd season of being an active Chiefs fan. I have lived and died with this team for most of my life. I was a dyed in the wool Chiefs fan through the hard years of the late 70's and early 80's.

This has got to be the MOST assinine thing I have heard in all those years. I have sat here and typed at least 20 responses and reworded them over and over to keep from using inappropriate language. I am pissed like you read about. I want to go out and puke.

Why on God's green earth do you trade the face of our team for a 2nd round pick next year? What the **** is Pioli thinking?

This is ludicrous, ignorant, assinine, and god knows how many other adjectives for just plain stupid.

Somebody please explain to me how this is anything but a complete gutting of our offense."

"SO I'm wicked pissed. SO now we'll probably draft Crabtree, not only does this make our team weaker, but also prevents our D from getting any better. This make two years we've traded my favorite players, I'm hoping we don't draft anyone, cause if I like them that means they're out the door next year."

Please add any others from other boards around the internets.

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In all fairness, even with a 10 year younger Gonzalez, the Chiefs are still bottom of the barrel and are unlikely to do much this season. Pioli is planning ahead with a long term scheme.

That's what we thought about the Falcons last year, before our own Patriots-bred GM started doing his thing.

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