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TD on ESPN right now

derrty bird

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said gonzalez is glad to be here and that we are happy to have him

says he will help matt with underneath routes, redzone, and play action

same ole same ole

but the most important thing he said was that this trade impacts out draft plan significantly and we are still focusing on defense even more now

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Nothing that none of us knew.

-Talked about the focus on defense in the draft

-How this helps Matt Ryan

-How great he is, and how he's the the greatest GM ever.

-What Gonzalez brings to the offense, and the team as a whole

-How great we are

-Now NFL Live are talking about how great TD is, and how huge this trade is.

-How we got a great deal, and how KC screwed themselves over

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He said that we'll "continue to stress the defensive side" in the draft. He said that the trade changes the complexion of the draft significantly, acknowledging that many mocks had us going TE in the 1st round.

That's the best thing about it to me.

That and the fact that we don't lose a pick this year.

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