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EA Sports Complex is now up in PlayStation Home

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"Out of the proverbial box, EA has two casual multiplayer mini-games for you to challenge your friends to: A whole floor of poker tables and the new EA SPORTS Racing game. The former allows for up to 8 players per table to indulge in high stakes tournament-style Texas Hold ‘Em and the latter lets you put the pedal to the metal and compete for the best time against 3 other users in a formula-style race."

Other stuff is coming as well. Including a golf mini-game.

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thats really neat. I might just have to get on home and check it out. I have put my PS3 on hold until May 5th when Im done with finals, so can't wait to play it.

thats actually a great idea... I should have waited as well. My PS3 might keep me from pulling a 4.0 this semester :P Would you believe it if I told you that out of all my classes (Mechanics of Materaials, Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Psychology, and Art Appreciation) I will most likely get a B in Art appreciation <_<, and an A in everything else

I feel like a ******. it was just supposed to be a GPA booster class!

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