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Man Charged in Killing of Chandra Levy


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Man Charged in Killing of Chandra Levy

By AP / NAFEESA SYEED Thursday, Apr. 23, 2009

(WASHINGTON) — Nearly eight years after federal intern Chandra Levy's disappearance, the man accused of killing her was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder.

Ingmar Guandique, 27, was expected to have his initial court appearance Thursday in District of Columbia Superior Court. A D.C. police arrest warrant issued last month accuses him of sexually assaulting and killing Levy on a trail in Rock Creek Park in May 2001. The Modesto, Calif., native's remains were found in the Washington park a year later. (Read "A Brief History of The Chandra Levy Case".)

The illegal immigrant from El Salvador had been serving a 10-year sentence in California for a separate assault. He was brought to the D.C. police department late Wednesday in a dark Chevrolet sedan, and escorted into the building by three detectives. Handcuffed and wearing an orange jumpsuit, Guandique walked with his head down. A reporter asked if he had anything to say, but the prisoner did not respond.

When he left the building 1 1/2 hours later, reporters asked more questions and photographers scrambled to get a shot of him. Visible on Guandique's neck was a tattoo referencing the MS-13 gang. (buncha f'n lowlife scumbags...)

Police said Guandique was fingerprinted, photographed and booked before being returned to the D.C. jail for the night.

In a statement Wednesday, lawyers for Guandique said they're glad he's in D.C.

"We are glad that Mr. Guandique is back in the jurisdiction and look forward to a formal appearance in court at which time the government's flawed investigation and lack of reliable evidence — eyewitness, physical or otherwise — can be addressed for the first time," said public defenders Santha Sonenberg and Maria Hawilo.

The 24-year-old Levy had just completed an internship with the U.S. Bureau of Prisons when she disappeared after leaving her apartment in jogging clothes. The Levy case has been blamed for destroying the political career of former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit of California, who was romantically linked to Levy. Authorities questioned the Democrat who represented the district where Levy grew up, but he was never a suspect in her death.

Last month, police released a detailed affidavit with the arrest warrant, listing a dozen witnesses who helped point investigators to Guandique. At least two of the witnesses claim Guandique told them he killed Levy.

Channing Phillips, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, has said a grand jury will convene to consider indicting Guandique, but he could not say when. In D.C., suspects must be indicted within nine months of being charged.

The announcement of Guandique's arrest was a long-awaited break in a case that has long stumped the city's police department and led to harsh criticism that the initial investigation was bungled because police missed leads and even searched the wrong part of the park for Levy's body. When the remains were found, they were so decayed police couldn't recover much evidence.

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Can the US legally execute an illegal immigrant?

If not, then the amount of time he'll spend on death row awaiting his excecution can be used to put him through the naturalization process, after which time, he can have his pledge ceremony 5 minutes before his excecution... ;)

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