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!iBenz Final Mock Draft!


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This is my last most draft, well because the draft is only 3 days away.

ROUND 1, Pick 24: Darius Butler, CB Connecticut


Ever since watching the senior bowl, i've been watching this guy closely, and the more i see, the more i like. He has great ball skills, hes fast, excellent closing speed, he had a freakish 43 inch vertical jump, he is scheme diverse, he understands zone concepts, he is just an all around great football player. I think that he will make an excellent Atlanta Falcon. Other picks could be Alphonso Smith, Larry English, or Evander Hood.

ROUND 2, Pick 55: Clint Sintim, LB Virginia


I live in Virginia, have friends are students at UVA, so i see alot of UVA games. I have always loved the way this guy plays. Many of you will say "he doesnt fit our scheme, hes strictly a 3-4 elephant LB." blah blah blah. I disagree. I think Sintim would be a perfect fit at SLB. He has long arms and strength to make solid tackles and doesnt miss often. Would play very well against the run and in coverage against tightends. Plus he add that "attack" option with our LB's, with his superb pass rushing talent. He might not make it to 55, but if he does, he will be picked. Other picks could be Marcus Freeman, Shawn Nelson, or Ron Brace.

ROUND 3, Pick 90: Cornelius Ingram, TE Florida


I hadnt really heard of him too much before this off season, but i heard a few of you talk about him so i looked into him, and i was really impressed. He has good height at 6'4'', has good hands (and rarely catches the ball with his body), he has a good body lean when running and can bounce off out of tackles to get good YAC, and plus hes a "willing" blocker. The only downside, and reason he is a 3rd round pick, is he had an ACL injury and teams want to see if he has recovered fully. I think he would fit in our offensive scheme well. Other picks could be Mike Mickens, Dorell Scott, or Gerald McGrath.

ROUND 4, Pick 125: Michael Hamilin, S Clemson


Im surprised that Hamlin is projected so low, i mean he has the production numbers. 91 tackles, 7 passes broken up, and 6 six interceptions(according to walterfootball.com). He is a reliable open field tackler, he is instinctive in coverage, and has natural hands and good ball skills. He would fill a hole in our defense, and has the ability to play both Safety positions. He would be a good fit IMO. Other picks could be Sammie Lee Hill, Louis Vasquez, or James Casey.

ROUND 5, Pick 138: Roy Miller, DT Texas


He is a beast. Plain and simple. He is an excellent run stuffer, would fit well as our nose guard. He has quick hands and impressive upper body strength to shed blocks and grab tackles. The only reason he is a 5th round prospect and not higher is because his lack luster pass rush ability. Would be a solid pick and come right in and compete with Trey Lewis for the starting job. Other pick could be Kaluka Maiava, Joe Burnett, or Emanuel Cook.

ROUND 5, Pick 143: David Veikune, DE Hawaii


He might fall here, but he might not. Our Falcons are in need of some pass rush. Veikune just has that uncanny ability to get to the QB. Watching the senior bowl, at the end of play i would always see Veikune popping up places, hitting the QB, making tackles. He sheds block using his strong arms, but the only knock on him is he will probably be just a pass rushing specialist. Other pick could be Andrew Gardner, Jason Phillips, or Joe Burnett.

ROUND 6, Pick 176: Jon Cooper, C Oklahoma


With the whole McClure thing, people have been talking about taking a Center. I say we bring in Cooper to compete with newly acquired Romberg. He snaps the ball smoothly and has a rare quickness. The only problem is he doesnt have the bulk.

so thats it, just tell me what you guys think. :D

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