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Another little sum sum to think about

Herr Doktor

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We were all screaming about lineman, both defense and offense last year. And Dimitroff and SMitty did something that we were not anticipating. He found the 7 players that hit, play smart and get the job done. He drafted for need and found some true gems. I anticipate the same this year, so don't freak if we draft some players that aren't the sexy pick. I trust Thomas and Coach Smith.

Things are on the up and up and we should be ready for the surprise. These men are paid millions to know these players. If we don't know some kid from Arizona State who is a hitting machine, but not All American don't freak. A football team is more than a bunch of all pros. Its eleven guys at a time who form a cohesive mesh that works together to accomplish a goal. Its not 11 guys playing for themselves. Its time to realize the team concept guys, because all winning programs are based on that premise. Patriots? Steelers? Not too shabby if you ask me.

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