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Rolling mock.


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First pick of the 2009 Draft the Detroit Lions take - Matthew Stafford QB- Georgia.

No trade scenarios please, it'll **** up the order and mess everyone up haha.

Here is the order for the first round. Hopefully we can get into the second or third tho.

2009 draft order

1 Detroit Lions

2 St. Louis Rams

3 Kansas City Chiefs

4 Seattle Seahawks

5 Cleveland Browns

6 Cincinnati Bengals

7 Oakland Raiders

8 Jacksonville Jaguars

9 Green Bay Packers

10 San Francisco 49ers

11 Buffalo Bills

12 Denver Broncos

13 Washington Redskins

14 New Orleans Saints

15 Houston Texans

16 San Diego Chargers

17 New York Jets

18 Denver (From Chicago)

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas)

21 Philadelphia Eagles

22 Minnesota Vikings

23 New England Patriots

24 Atlanta Falcons

25 Miami Dolphins

26 Baltimore Ravens

27 Indianapolis Colts

28 Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina)

29 New York Giants

30 Tennessee Titans

31 Arizona Cardinals

32 Pittsburgh Steelers

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They'd be so dirty With Crabapple

I've always liked the Browns, too bad not to like. This is not who the "experts" have them taking but if they trade Braylon Edwards like I expect them to then this should be who they go after. IMO, Crabtree > Edwards. Edwards is good but he drops way too many balls. Hope NYG gets him and he drops more, lol!

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