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A few mocks

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My point is to get a good range of mocks, find which is the favorite one and hopefully learn a few new prospects

Rd. 1 - Brandon Pettigrew, TE - He's not my favorite player because of his speed but he's an all around tight end that really would help out our


Rd. 2 - Fili Moala, DT - He's an explosive player that can help with the rotation at Dline.

**Trade 3rd & 5th for early 3rd**

Rd. 3 - Rashad Johnson, S - He falls into the lower third round because of his size and we decide to trade up to nab him. Even if he doesn't

start I feel much safer about him splitting time with Decoud than Fudge.

Rd.4 - Fenuki Tupou, T - The guy plays hard and can back up guard and tackle.

Rd.5 - Jason Williams, LB - last time a 240 pound man ran in the 4.4 range Patrick W. went in the top 15. This guy could be a steal.

Rd.6 - Joe Burnett, CB - Not looking for anything special from this guy, he's short (5'9) but the guy's got great speed and will be a special

teams ace.



Rd. 1 - Eben Britton, T - This guy is a leader and what he provides is not only insurance in case we have injuries again but also i just like him

at RT I think it makes our Oline better as a whole.

Rd. 2 - Patrick Chung, S - an all around safety that can make plays. IMO just as good as Delmas but isn't as much of a leader.

Rd. 3 - Chris Baker, DT - VERY VERY strong, weighs in over 320. Will give us a large presence on the Dline.

Rd.4 - Cameron Morrah, TE - He has all of the physical tools to become a top TE and with a great QB throwing to him ;) I think he'll be a steal

in the 4th.

Rd.5 - Nic Harris, LB - I know most of you don't like this pick but this is my theory of OLB in our scheme. If our Dline dominates than most of

the plays the OLB will be asked to make are either in coverage or stopping the RB from bouncing it outside (that's why Boley was so great

that year)

Rd.5 - Deon Butler, WR - Interesting late round WR prospect, he's got special if nothing else.

Rd.6 - Cecil Newton, C - Someone posted before that they think we will pick this guy up and I have no problem with adding some depth on the



**Trade 1st & 4th for 2nd and 3rd**

Rd. 2 - Larry English, DE - I think this guy could be a monster and really could end up as a suggs player or as abraham 2.0

Rd. 2 - Max Unger, C - This is if we drop off McClure. Even if we don't he's a very versatile player.

Rd. 3 - Marcus Freeman, OLB - He is a top LB IMO but doesn't make huge plays. He can be a very solid player and doesn't make many


Rd. 3 - Dorell Scott, DT - Another big and strong DT that will help with the rotation.

Rd. 5 - Chris Clemons, S - Makes a ton of plays and is everywhere at once. Didn't have a huge number of INT's but was still good in


Rd. 5 - Andrew Gardner, T - He plays great but might not be the best athlete.

Rd. 6 - Bear Pascoe, TE - I think this is the kind of TE we should pick up although I don't really like it to much. He doesn't have great speed

but is a good blocker and will play hard.

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