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Final Mock Draft (quick just wanted to put one up)

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Needs in order: C/DE/CB/NT/TE/S/OT depth/LB depth(our starters are set)/WR

Trade:McClure for a fourth rounder (Bills and Cardinals should be willing)

Round 1: Alex Mack-C-Cal:

McClure is holding out and Steponavich can hold fort for a year if he needs time. The future of center is in doubt and if we can draft Mack then McClure becomes an expendable player. At which time we can trade him for a fourth round pick. The Cardinals and Bills are in dire need of a center and would be willing to give up a mid round pick to get a veteran center with a few years left in him.

Round 2: Michael Johnson-DE-GT:

The man has fallen of the edge of the map but this is where his new projected value is and in the second round he is a steal. Playing him across from JA55 would make him the greatest DE in the league and it would allow us to rotate Jamaal Anderson with Chauncey on passing downs to keep them both fresh.

Round 3: Asher Allen-CB-UGA:

He is a solid coverage corner who can easily come in this year and compete with Chevis and Grimes for the number 2 and 3 spots and make our CB crew solid with as much depth as any other team in the NFC. He is good with his hips and can follow the ball while it's in teh air with the best college corners.

Round 4: Cornelius Ingram-TE-UF:

The best receiving TE to come out in years he has elite speed with excellent hands. He is not a liability blocking and can hold his own in most situations. He has a few injury problems but in the fourth round a talent this good can't be passed up on. He is a WR route runner with a mean streak while blocking the perfect Te.

Round 4: (trade McClure) Corey Irvin-NT-UGA:

He is a strong run stuffer who was overshadowed in his early career because he played behind Atkins and Owens. This year he got to play due to injury and not only clogged the inside lanes he also managed to generate a strong pass rush from the NT spot and keep OG on their toes every down something Grady couldn't do.

Round 5: Andrew Gardner-OT-GT:

I don't think we can survive another year without a true reserve tackle. Injuries have kept our line thin in recent years and this draft is the time to make it stronger so we can make a push through the playoffs without having to worry about one guy on the line going down. this is definitely a more pronounced need with Todd Weiner's retirement.

Round 5: Otis Wiley-SS-MSU:

The Michigan state prospect suffered from a sub par year last season but is still one of the best safeties in this class. He is solid against the run and can cover people out of the backfield and over the top and area we struggled with last year. He comes in and instantly competes with Fudge and Decoud for the starting job.

Round 6: Deandre Levy-OLB-WIS:

He can be the back-up to the young WLB Nicholas and contribute on special teams with Wire and Robert James. He fills out our LB core with a 7th guy and I believe the front office will allow the young guys to work and keep our early picks for a more pressing need then LB. The LB depth now is WLB:Nicholas/Levy/James MLB:Lofton/Peterson/Gilbert SLB:Peterson/Wire. (It looks good and young with room to develop)


Nate Swift-WR-NEB:

A reliable reciever who can become the fifth guy on our team with the departure of Laurent Robinson to St. Louis. He can make plays and needs to work on his consistency but even when he had drops he managed to keep alive a consecutive games with a catch streak lasting till somewhere in the twenties which is fairly impressive.

Eric Kettani-FB-Navy:

He rushed for over 900 yards this year as a full back and could be a valuable option in short yardage and in the redzone. Not to mention we have no insurance policy if there is ever an injury to Ovie.

Willie Tuitama-QB-ARI:

He is an accurate passer who resurrected a dead program this year by doing what was asked of him. It won't hurt Shockley to bring in a competitor for his third string job in fact if you look at his fights with other QBs in training camp it has only brought out the best in him over the years.

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