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I'm going to have to vote for myself too. I would replace my former idol, Neon Deion. Someone has to give him the boot. Plus I idolized him and modeled my game after his so I can still run his corner. Prime Time and 21st. My high school experience should come into play in my analysis of the games. I'm so ready for this. :D

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

I think Jedi and Gazoo would be good. Talk about a good debate

Lol. I can guarantee that either myself or Gazoo would end up getting fired from that show. Whoever ends up throwing the first punch.

J/K. I like Gazoo. I spent years hating and debating him, but I've grown to respect his angle on things.

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Georgiafan was the best out of that bunch for sure. Some of these guys have many hours logged on here and they all deserve some recognition. Some are always negative and some are loyal to a fault but all add to this great message board.

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