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Tribute to Megan Fox

Ryan Duncan

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If I could be your towel...

you could rub me up and down...

The things I'd do to you...

Girl I would see things through...

Especially near that tattoo

Megan Fox your begging me

I can hear you saying "oh Ryan please"

Some might think you're only an 8 or 9

But girl your still **** fine.

I can't really sing or rap,

but girl you make me wanna FWAP..

Megan you are the girl of the day

I'll be thinking of you all the way..

Now I need some toilet paper

Clean up around my desk..

I think I made a mess..

Oh Megan Fox, today's your turn

Baby you need to learn,

you're now my background pic

You make me wanna lick... my LCD

Babe you know you wanna be....

Surrounding me...... :mellow:

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name=\'Dago\' date=\'Apr 21 2009, 01:03 PM\' post=\'4654854\']

i would like to say all the nasty things i would like to do to her, but lets be honest....I would be like the new puppy shaking and peeing all over the kitchen floor

no you would remember youre mother ****ing Dago & how let down we would be if u went out like that

& then u would pound the guts til she passed out

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Let's talk about Vida instead. ^_^

Vida's got many uses wIth that azz...

Like when I need to put down my glass...

She's got that counter top,

I don't wanna stop...

She's thicker than peanut butter...

Girl I didn't studder...

I'd like to touch her butt...

I think I'm about to ......


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