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Positions we will draft

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1st - Defensive tackle (or trade this pick for Dorsey)

2nd - Safety

3rd - Tight End

4th - Offensive Tackle

5th - Inside linebacker

6th - Corner

The only DT who is arguably worth taking in the 1st that we could draft would be Ziggy Hood..... maybe Jerry. We are going to need a LB WAY before the 5th and it won't be an ILB either. I'd also put DE in the top 3

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The problem with this kind of approach is that it takes no account of who will be on the board at a certain point.

If this draft class was equally as talented at all positions, then we could employ this method. However:

At #24, there is likely to be a premium linebacker available (Cushing, Matthews, Laurinaitis, Maualuga) whereas there probably won't be a 1st round grade DT on the board (Raji and Jerry gone, Hood is not 1st round). Additionally, what if Malcom Jenkins slips - are you really going to pass him up to take Hood or even Ron Brace???

Likewise safety in the second - if Delmas, Chung and Moore are gone, but Michael Johnson and Max Unger are still on the board, do you really think reaching for Rashard Johnson or Chip Vaughn is the best move?

I'm sure like most teams, we tier players based on BOTH need AND talent. Just because Josh Freeman is the best rated player on Mayock's board when we pick at #'24, doesn't mean we pick him, but equally if Raji/Jerry/Hood/Brace have all gone, doesn't mean we take Moala at #24 just because our biggest need is DT.

I think your assessment of our needs is to an extent valid, although I would go

1. DT


3. Pass Rush DE

4. SS

5. TE

6. OT

7. CB

But the "when we will draft them" part of your statement does leave me very confused.

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