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2009 Draft (trade with Jags)

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TD moves out of the first round, we get another 2 and 3 and a pick next year

2a. Delmas TD gets the safety he wants at the spot he feels is value or Rashad Johnson

2b. Cody Brown LB/DE TD gets an edge rusher he seeks who could become a real good QB hunter; or Shaun Nelson

3a. Mike Mickens big, physical cover 2 corner with closing speed and ball skills; or Sherrod martin

3b. Jason Williams LB who can run will not last beyond this point or Zack Follett

4. Chris Baker big athletic DT, more I read more I like about him, small school sleeper or Roy Miller

5a. DeAndre Levy another LB who can run we apparently like him or Lee Robinson

5b. Cecil Newton C/G another small school sleeper future starter at C maybe or Robert Brewster

6. Davon Drew or Darius Hill project TE who is athletic or DE Brandon Swain

anyway my 2 cents

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I like the whole thing, but would rather have another edge rusher than Cody. Even perhaps Barwin, but likely a known edge rusher will drop to there.

The other option is to take a game breaking TE with our late 2nd, and take an edge rusher in the 5th (just depending on who falls in the 2nd)

Good overall mock.

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