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Intrigue surrounds Chiefs, Sanchez

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Intrigue surrounds Chiefs, Sanchez

Apparently we're starting to see who will become the fulcrum upon which this year's draft oscillates. It's USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, and as teams vie to get into a solid position to draft him, the fate of franchises could hang in the balance.

Both the Seattle Seahawks, the team sitting at fourth in the first round, and the Cleveland Browns, sitting fifth, have been doing their due diligence on Sanchez, and some indications are that either team would be happy to take Sanchez if he is available at those positions. Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post reports that the Browns could be trading Brady Quinn sometime this week in order to make room for Sanchez on Saturday. As mentioned above, the Denver Broncos are holding a private workout with Sanchez on Tuesday, and they could possibly be looking to trade up to strengthen their chances. Lastly, in a scenario spelled out by Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column today, the Washington Redskins are apparently very smitten with Sanchez, and could trade up to get him as well.

What all of this means is that Kansas City Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is in an enviable position. The rumor is that Pioli was uncomfortable with the No. 3 pick to begin with, and this increasing wave of interest in Sanchez means that he could be deciding between multiple generous offers from teams looking to jump ahead of the Seahawks and Browns. As King noted in his column, from 2000 to 2008 while Pioli was with the New England Patriots, the team completed 28 draft weekend trades, 12 times moving up and 16 times moving down. In other words, this is not a man who will have cold feet when it comes time to pull the trigger on a swap.

Taking into account the possible ammunition that another team could offer, the Broncos are a more likely trading partner compared to the Redskins. However, given the need for help on the defensive side of the ball, the Broncos could stick with their two first-rounders and let the Redskins overpay for the No. 3 pick. In any case, with the third overall pick likely to earn a paycheck in the neighborhood of $11 million per year, and the Chiefs in possession of a solid if still somewhat green quarterback, a trade is likely before Saturday.

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