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Revised Walter Mock

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So, someone asked if I was Walter. My answer is no, but I wouldn't mind swapping jobs with the guy. Anyway UGA fans will be happy when they take a gander at our 4th rounder. But I gotta believe we go LB sooner than this.


No they won't, they'll be like "I can't believe he has Asher and MoMass fallling all the way to day 2! This guy's a doofus!".

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Man are those rankings off !! I wouldn't count on most of that draft, Only the top 20 is like 80 % correct , But Mareno at 29 !!! And that is just the beginning of a horrible Mock. They have us taking 2 Wisc players in the 5th and a C in the 6th , WE will not take a Center in the 6th with OLB Levy still on the board, now there is a Wisc Player I want. Oh , I do have him in my Mock in the 6th . Hah. I kind of doubt him lasting that long now anyway.

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