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Probably totally ridiculous trade


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ok, this would have to be a draft day trade, and would rely on Detroit not taking Matthew Stafford, and instead taking maybe Aaron Curry, (although high chance that lions do take Stafford). In this event matthew stafford is still on the board at 3, because i believe the Rams will take a OT (Jason Smith).

Due to the Redskins are in need of a QB, i believe they will be interested in trading up for either Stafford or Sanchez.

In a 3 way sort of trade, the KC Chiefs trade their 1st round (#3 overall) with the redskins for (#13) aswell as a 2nd round pick in 2010.

We then would trade our first round pick (#24), 3rd round pick, and jerious norwood ( although i would love to keep him), reason they might take norwood is due to the fact they may not be keeping Larry Johnson much longer) to the KC chiefs in exchange for Glenn Dorsey, Tony Gonzalez and the 2nd round pick axquired from the redskins for 2010

Leaving Redskins with #3 overall pick

Leaving KC with #13 pick, #24 pick, Jerious Norwood and our 3rd round pick

Leaving Falcons with Glenn Dorsey, Tony Gonzalez, 2010 2nd round

Probably totally unrealistic...i was just trying to think up scenarios...its a really lengthy trade which would never happen, i just thought id tyr think up some solutions though.

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