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Just Got Back from Hawks Playoff game #1


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Howdy Folks! I just got back from the Hawks first playoff game against the Heat. Thought I would post my thoughts and observations from the game.....

- Miami looked flat all night :) The Hawks played a lot more conservative in the 2nd half. With a 20+ point lead there was no reason to force the issue and risk and injury.

- The crowd was hot the whole game except for maybe the last 8 min for obvious reasons.

- Although the game was sold out, there were a lot of empty seats. Especially in the upper level sections behind the goals. We were sitting in section 309 (almost mid-court) about 7 rows from the bottom railing and had about 8 empty seats in front of us the whole game. Plus several more around us.

- T.I. really got the crowd krunk. I guess everyone forgot to realize that he's going to jail soon for a year on a weapons charge.

- The crowd booed D-Wade every time he touched the ball. It was really funny.

- Overall a great game for the Hawks. I dont know why they kept shooting 3 points late in the 4th quarter but whatever.

1-0!!!! Now on to game 2 on Wed. night.

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The Highlight Factory was crunk last night, even with some empty seats. Great atmosphere, great performance from the Hawks, Josh Smith throwing down highlight after highlight. And of course, ridiculously cheap CNN Center beers before the game.

Can't wait for Game 5, hopefully to close out the series.

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