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warrick dunn back in atlanta..

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huh? your probably the first guy to actually say that. I've meet warrick many times. The mans just about as nice as you can get.

yeah, warrick dunn seems like the nicest person you'd ever meet, even if he was with another team other than the good ol' falcons.

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man Hawks look Hungry, D Wade and the Heat ran into a buzz saw last night ....

There's a reason Wade is the scoring champ this year- he has to do it all for them to win which is fine and dandy in the regular season, but in the playoffs TEAMS win, not individuals. If you're in a series and have the time to prepare, watching film, and study enough you can shut down a one-man gang. He may work in a one-game situation, but not the playoffs! GO HAWKS!!!

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Totally agree.

Shouldn't somebody be creating a fishing/bait thread with no content?

Or creating screen names of the Coaching staff and hold little conversations with each other?

Or impossible trade/draft strategies. ****, send a 6th round pick for Anquan Boldin? Or JA for Dwight Freeney, straight up! Personally, I think the Falcons should draft Raji in the 2nd round.

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Why are people so compelled to use this acronym? It's not like anything new is being discussed around here anyway. Just saying.

Agreed... As far as I'm concerned Dunn qualifies and I have sense enough to choose which threads I wish to open regardless of the "categories" they lie in. -_-

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