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This PS3 is amazing!

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I just found out today that my PS3 had an adapter built into it after about 4 months of owning it. So I set the wireless connection up (which takes like 2 minutes) and started to play KZ2 online (which is the ****!) and I soon find out I have a browser also. So I start to surf the net and it hits me. The PS3 is an amazing machine, and it's much better than the XBOX. I'm not sure if the XBOX can browse the net as fast and fluid (or even at all) as this PS3, but man, I am definately sold on the PS3 being better than the XBOX. I'm actually typing this post on the PS3 now. You can watch almost any type of video on the net, which is a huge plus. It looks just like the internet on a PC, not a dumbed down version like I first expected it to be. I just now realized this is not just a gaming system, it's a complete entertainment system. Don't label me a fanboy because I still love my 360, just not as much anymore. :lol:

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Jim = Fanboy

If you disagree, you're just another mindless 360 fanboy. :rolleyes:

I will do his work for him. In my love for the 360 and hatred for everything PS3 related, I made the following annoying comment to GABan's comment yesterday:

It will be a while before the PS4 comes along. To be honest, your described probable use seems more in line with a PS3. Gaming, but also really into movies. You can use Tversity and an add on to get netflix on the PS3, and its got blueray. Unless most of your friends play the 360, I would tell ya to grab a PS3. It will do what you need for the next 3 to 5 years, at which point you will be out of college, making dough, and not so worried about a couple hundred bucks.

Yup, I just can't help my fanboyism... :rolleyes:

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