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UGA teammates & L English underrated


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This is from an ESPN Insider article here's the LINK if you have ESPN insider & here'e the article if you don't:

Originally Published: April 17, 2009

Georgia teammates underrated - RB Moreno, WR Massaquoi are undervalued while a big-name wideout is overrated


McShay By Todd McShay

Scouts Inc.


After talking to teams and assessing where prospects might come off the board, and then comparing those findings to Scouts Inc.'s rankings, here's a look at the three most undervalued and overvalued prospects in the draft right now, followed by five potential Day 2 sleepers:

Most underrated

1. Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno

The vast majority of scouts we talk to feel Moreno is a more complete back and a much safer pick than Chris Wells, yet all the running back buzz is centered around Wells and how high he will be drafted. It's thought he might go as high as No. 14 overall to the New Orleans Saints, and that teams might overlook questions about Wells' attitude and work ethic because of his natural talent. Meanwhile, Moreno ranks 13th on Scouts Inc.'s overall draft board -- eight spots ahead of Wells -- but is projected to come off the board somewhere around No. 20. Any team that picks him in that area would be getting tremendous value and the best back in this draft.

2. Northern Illinois OLB Larry English

English ranks behind other OLB/DE hybrids like Aaron Maybin, Brian Orakpo and Everette Brown, and rightly so. Where he's getting shortchanged, however, is in the ranking of the second tier.

English is mentioned alongside Michael Johnson, Paul Kruger, Lawrence Sidbury and Cody Brown, but English separates himself from that group with his toughness, competitiveness and short-area burst. He looks like a late first-rounder at this point and could even slip out altogether, and any team that gets him at No. 25 or later will be getting tremendous bang for the buck.


"Larry English's skill set will make him a value pick somewhere late in the first round or beyond." - Todd McShay

Todd McShay has been evaluating prospects for the NFL draft since 1998.

3. Georgia WR Mohamed Massaquoi

Massaquoi improved as much over the course of his college career as any prospect in this draft, and he answered questions about his speed when he ran the 40-yard dash in the 4.4-second range at Georgia's pro day. And while he looks like a long strider because he is long-limbed, Massaquoi is an underrated route-runner with the ability to get into and out of his breaks fluidly. He also has great intangibles and an excellent work ethic and looks every bit like a second-round pick. It won't surprise us if five years from now Massaquoi is one of the two or three most productive receivers from this class.


Most overrated

1. Kansas State QB Josh Freeman

It's easy to fall in love with Freeman's physical tools -- size (6-foot-5¾, 248 pounds), rifle arm and deceptive mobility -- but he is not the next Ben Roethlisberger or Joe Flacco. Those players came out of college with great instincts, which Freeman is lacking. Too many times on film we see him picking up coverages late or staring down his primary target and not going through his progressions. Some of his weaknesses can be coached up, but there is no guarantee he has the mental capacity and natural recognition skills to develop into a solid starter in the NFL. We would have no problem taking a chance on him in the second round, but if a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 19) or Minnesota Vikings (No. 22) takes him in the first round, it would be a huge reach. Teams must be wary of making a desperation move simply because there is a huge drop-off in quarterback talent after Freeman.

2. Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey

There is a lot to like about Heyward-Bey from a physical standpoint. He was the fastest player at the combine, but talent evaluators are being blinded by it, sometimes ignoring his raw routes and questions about his hands. He could come off the board as early as No. 17 to the New York Jets, but in our opinion he fits much better in the final five to seven picks of the first round. Any earlier and he risks joining the likes of former first-round receivers who were overrated because of their straight-line speed, such as Robert Meachem.

3. Ohio State WR Brian Robiskie

Like everyone else, we are impressed by Robiskie's route-running, instincts, attention to detail and passion for the game. However, after watching him on film, no one can convince me he will be a difference-maker in the NFL. He looks to be a serviceable No. 2 at best and does not provide anything in the return game. The fact that people are talking about him as a fringe first-round prospect is mind-boggling because there is no way we draft him on the first day.

Day 2 diamonds in the rough

Michigan State QB Brian Hoyer

After doing a full film evaluation, we ranked Hoyer as the top senior quarterback in this year's draft, assuming Pat White is viewed as a future wide receiver. Hoyer's marginal supporting cast and the fact that Michigan State was a run-heavy team overshadowed what we believe to be excellent timing, accuracy and recognition skills. We've seen many late-round quarterbacks become successful NFL starters in recent years and Hoyer could be the next to join that group.

Rice TE James Casey

Casey played three years of minor league baseball before returning to football, so he is a little older, and he will never be a great in-line blocker. However, his versatility and natural athleticism make him an intriguing option early on Day 2 for a team looking to add a difference-making receiver at H-back.

Virginia RB Cedric Peerman

Peerman's sensational showing at the combine is just one of the reasons we are high on him. There are some durability questions, but when he's healthy, we believe Peerman has the mental makeup and physical tools to develop into a versatile contributor in the NFL. We would have no problem taking him as early as the third round.

Maryland CB Kevin Barnes

Barnes is probably the most underrated pure cover corner in this draft. He didn't have his best season as a senior, thanks in part to a shoulder injury, but his combination of size (6-¼, 187 pounds), athleticism and ball skills make him a great sleeper candidate in the third- or fourth-round range.

Troy DB Sherrod Martin

Versatility is what makes Martin so attractive in our opinion. He played both corner and safety in college, and we think his best fit in the NFL is at free safety. People around Troy will tell you he is the best player to come out of the program since Demarcus Ware, and that includes 2008 first-round CB Leodis McKelvin. Martin should still be on the board when the fourth round arrives and would be a tremendous value there.

Todd McShay is the director of college football scouting for Scouts Inc. He has been evaluating prospects for the NFL draft since 1998.

This is a ESPN Insider article here's the LINK if you have ESPN insider.

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I guess I don't get how Georgia WR Mohamed Massaquoi is underrated in my mind he kind of disappointed in his early career and had a good senior year. These guys say he will be a 2nd round pick. I guess if you are saying he is underrated maybe this means he should really then go in round one. I tell you a guy more underrated in my opinion is Kenny McKinley who will likely go in round four or five he ran a 4.4 not at pro day he did it at the combine where 40 times are generally higher than pro days. He is a polished route runner who knows how to get open. He is a tough guy willing to take a hit across the middle. Being a fourth round pick and having his career he is underrated not Massaquoi who I would not draft in round two. Heck Kenny McKinley only played in ten games because of an injury and almost had as many receptions.

RECEPTIONS/GAME Cl G Rec. Yards TD Long Avg/C Avg/G Rec/G

1. Kenny McKinley-SC SR 10 54 642 4 41 11.9 64.2 5.4

2. DJ Williams-AR SO 12 61 723 3 76 11.9 60.2 5.1

3. Brandon LaFell-LS JR 13 63 929 8 43 14.7 71.5 4.8

4. M. Massaquoi-UG SR 13 58 920 8 78 15.9 70.8 4.5

5. A.J. Green-UG FR 13 56 963 8 54 17.2 74.1 4.3

6. Brandon McRae-MS JR 12 51 518 3 29 10.2 43.2 4.2

7. Julio Jones-UA FR 14 58 924 4 64 15.9 66.0 4.1

8. Shay Hodge-UM JR 13 44 725 8 86 16.5 55.8 3.4

D. McCluster-UM JR 13 44 625 1 56 14.2 48.1 3.4

10. P. Harvin-UF JR 12 40 644 7 70 16.1 53.7 3.3

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I think he is dead on it, I couldn't agree more on all of his thoughts except I disagree with one player. I think Robiskie is not over rated , I think he is the safest pick at WR in the draft . And I think Robiskie will be drafted in the first round.

Ageed. (sort of) I think Robiske will be taken early in round 2, probably the 5th wideout, but he will be the most productive pro. Not a game changer, but a 3rd down chains mover..

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Robiske I agree is not a number 1 WR.. But neither is Jenkins.. And I see them as the same type of player. I like Larry English. He's going to be a great pass rusher. As well as Sidbury. If the falcons are going to pic another DE. These are the two that should be in the picture.

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