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Gilbert not sure about Falcons draft

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Saturday, Apr. 18, 2009

Gilbert not sure about Falcons’ draft

By Daniel Shirley - dshirley@macon.com

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In a week, Atlanta Falcons fans will find out what their team is going to do with its picks in this year’s NFL draft.

Macon’s Tony Gilbert is as anxious as anyone. Gilbert, a former Central and Georgia standout, is entering his second season as a linebacker with the Falcons.

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The two-day draft begins a week from today.

“Man, I’ve been in this league a long time, and we’ve never known (what the teams are going to do in the draft),” Gilbert said with a laugh. “You just never know. They can go all over the place with their picks.”

The Falcons certainly did well with their picks last year, landing quarterback Matt Ryan with the No. 1 pick and tackle Sam Baker later in the first round.

Atlanta rode the momentum from the strong draft to have a turnaround season. A year after going through a difficult season that was marred by Michael Vick’s off-field troubles and head coach Bobby Petrino’s in-season departure, the Falcons went 11-5 in 2008 and reached the playoffs.

They lost in the first round to Arizona, which went on to play in the Super Bowl.

“It was an exciting year, for sure,” said Gilbert, who is hosting the fourth annual Macon Kids Day event at 11 a.m. today at Central City Park with former Southeast standout George Foster. “Everybody’s back working out together now, and we’re really looking forward to the season. We have a lot to build off of from last year.”

Gilbert thinks he has plenty to build on, as well. He was drafted by Arizona in 2003 before spending four seasons with Jacksonville.

He signed with Atlanta on Aug. 31.

“Playing for my homestate team in college and in the NFL, not too many people can say they’ve done that,” Gilbert said. “I’m just working hard to try to make the most of it.”

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This is what happens when you have a historically bad football team, that suddenly has a really bright future.

You are prompted to write more articles than you are used to in the offseason, and end up revealing the shocking truth that back-up players do not know what is going on in the mind of their GM.

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

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Can you imagine how this article happened?

This dude walks up to Gilbert eating at Taco Bell with his wife and kids.

"Hey you play for the Atlanta Falcons right ?"

"Umm.... Yeah"

"So who are we picking in the draft next year ?"

"....I'm not sure"

"Slow down, I gotta write this all down for my article"

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Can anyone tell me why in every f*****g article regarding the falcons there's always a reference to vick or petrino. Well man, this was 2 years ago, talk about the draft now, it doesn't care if matt ryan was selected because of vick or his dogs or anything, he was selected for us and did a great job(hope he keep doin' it ;) ). And the article, as somenone said, is a insightful piece.

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I really hope we draft a backup MLB...stupid tony gilbert.

If you want a steal at the ILB position, I have one for ya in my mock with a trade down . Worrell Williams will be the steal ILB in this draft,JMO

This would be with a trde down on day one and day two, since the players have risen and fallen and I made this about a month ago. We would now have to take Burnet with that first 5th rounder instead of the last one.

2.DT Ron Brace

2.DE Jarron Gilbert

3.CB Keenan Lewis .

3.DB Chris Clemons

5.OGAndy Kemp

5.LB Worrell Williams . Can play inside or out.

5.SS Jamarca Sanford

5.CB Joe Burnett

6.OLB DeAndre Levy

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