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Redneck games

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Ever fought someone just to see who would win, even though your buddy's and an accual fight wouldn't ever happen.

Ever had that fight knowing the outcome just to see the fight, and it doesn't matter since you're both too drunk to care.

Ever Shot a Potatoe gun at loser of said fight

Ever Shot a Potatoe Gun

Made a Potatoe gun out of tubing that you found at a hardware store using Hair-spray as gun-powder

Ever had the same fight again because you felt the first fight wasn't a fair fight cause one guy was drunker than the other

Had the fight come out the other way around this time

Decided to pull the grill out...at midnight, while drunk

Feel free to add your own, ohh yeah I did all of these this weekend. I was accualy the loser of said fight got shot, decided that my opponent hadn't realy been drinking so far that night, so we all got sauced up, and I ended up winning the rematch.

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Few months back...

Got real drunk

Hopped in my 97 dakota (stripped down to the primer, no mirrors, broken windshield, daily driver) with a friend

Went speeding down some backroads, smashed a dozen or so mailboxes with a slugger. Tuned onto K92FM the entire time (Orlando country station).

He hit a metal one. That was ****ing funny.

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Last week I went to visit my 14 year old nephew, we played video games and ended up outside throwing rocks at his basketball goal to see who could hit it the most, I felt deliciously white trash. ...and I lost bad. I think he does that every day and was toying with me for a little bit.

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