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<3 Pimp C

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Man it's not a big part of my music anymore, but still when an old song, or a mixed song comes on with a Pimp C verse, damd The Pimp's still doin' the Damd thang, the verse he lays on Underground Thang for Bun B is Dominace, RIP Pimp C gone too fast.

Atlanta is a Contry, Them Georgia Boys cool, It's all you outta town faggot ni**a's ****in' up all the rules, that a blow that's recon, that ain't dro that's pop-corn, You ****in' right they comming back, at you cause they stepped on *****.

Also the song as a Total is sick, Underground Thang, if you can get a good C/S version even better, if not sip on some sizzerp same effect.

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