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Possible trade options and regular Mock

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Well with the possibility of us needing a center would you all be upset if we were to get Mack in the 2nd. I don't believe he will fall to us but what if we were to trade a 5th or 6th to move up some spots to pick him up. Most people on here are saying Defense in the first 2 rounds with the possibility of a TE but what about linemen.

Rd.1 - Robert Ayers, Tennessee - I know it's not our first need but rushing the passer is one of the most important things in this league and C

Davis ain't bad but ayers will give us a well rounded and better rotation

*Trade 2nd round and 5th round to move up in the 2nd and get...*

*Rd.2* - Ron Brace, DT - He starts falling in the 2nd round because of his lack of versatility. The man can stop the run better than anyone

else in the draft but boy is he slow.

Rd.3 - Chase Coffman, TE - We get a well rounded TE that may not have super speed but can catch and played in a high power passing


Rd.4 - Jason Williams, LB - This guy from Western Illinois has got some great talent and even if he doesn't start he can take over nicholas'

place as an all around package.

Rd.5 - Derek Pegues, S - He is a much better cover safety than a run safety but he's got some talent and could be a good player in the


Rd.6 - Quan Cosby, WR - I don't think we need a WR but this kid is very quick. He ran in the 4.4 range and although may only be 5-9 he's

got that quickness that can kill


Rd. 1 - Ziggy Hood, DT/Peria jerry, DT - If jerry isn't on the board Ziggy is my pick for DT. Both guys have great talent, Ziggy with a little

more upside in my opinion because of his numbers at the combine.

Rd. 2 - Clint Sintim, LB - I know a lot of you guys don't like him but I think he is an all around athlete at LB and can help. I'm not looking for a

starter i'm just looking for someone to compete to start.

Rd.3 - Paul Kruger, DE - We may need to trade up in the third with our fifth to get this guy but I think he's worth it, he's a more refined Kroy

Bierrman (SP?)

Rd.4 - Cameron Morrah, TE - potentially one of the most underrated TE's in the draft.

Rd.5 - Roy Miller, DT - Roy Miller happened to still be here when we picked and he has some of the best potential of the DT class, the guy

repped out 225 more than 30 times and still ran under 4.9 at his pro day (4.89)

Rd.5 - Andrew Gardner, RT - Very good homegrown tackle that can provide some good depth.

Rd.6 - Dominique Edison, WR - Small school WR that is 6'2 and some change and run's in the 4.4 range.

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Rd.1 - Robert Ayers, Tennessee - I know it's not our first need but rushing the passer is one of the most important things in this league and C
Im an Ayers guy, but be prepared to get worked by these other people on here. Not to many people like him. Pegues is awful. I would be ok with either of those mocks though.


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