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Its a mock

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1 Detriot Lions-Matt Stafford QB Georgia

2 St. Louis Rams-Jason Smith OL baylor

3 Kansas City Chiefs-Aaron Curry LB Wake forest

4 Seattle Seahawks-Eugene Monroe OL Virginia

5 Cleveland Browns-Brian Orakpo DE/LB Texas

6 Cincinnati Bengals-Andre Smith OL Alamaba

7 Oakland Raiders- Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech

8 Jacksonville Jaguars-BJ Raji Boston DT College

9 Green Bay Packers-Aaron maybin DE/LB penn state

10 San Francisco 49ers-Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri

11 Buffalo Bills- Everette Brown DE Florida State

12 Denver Broncos- Tyson Jackson DE LSU

13 Washington Redskins-Michael Oher OL Mississippi

14 New Orleans Saints- Malcolm Jenkins CB/S Ohio State

15 Houston Texans-Vontae Davis Illinois

16 San Diego Chargers-Rey Maualuga LB USC

17 New York Jets- Mark Sanchez QB USC

18 Denver Broncos-Clay Matthews LB USC

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Josh Freeman QB Kansas State

20 Detroit Lions-Brian Cushing LB USC

21 Philadelphia Eagles-Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

22 Minnesota Vikings- Eben Britton OT Arizona

23 New England Patriots-Robert Ayers LB/DE Tennesse

24 Atlanta Falcons-James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State

25 Miami Dolphins- Darrius Heyward Bey WR Maryland

26 Baltimore Ravens-Hakeem Nicks WR NC State

27 Indianapolis Colts-Peria Jerry DT Mississippi

28 Philadelphia Eagles- Chris Wells RB Ohio State

29 New York Giants- Kenny Britt Rutgers WR

30 Tennessee Titans-Brain Robiskie WR Ohio State

31 Arizona Cardinals-Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia

32 Pittsburgh Steelers-Duke Robinson OL Oklahoma

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The more I look at it, the more I expect Detroit to go for Baby Animal at #20. I don't think we get a shot at him at #24. If Detroit does go QB at #1, they're going to want the best defensive player they can get at #20. With Lauranaitis, they're getting the safest pick possible and a talent who shouldn't be on the board at #20 if not for the madness of the draft process. Along with Sims and Dizon, Schwartz would have a dynamic young core of LBs to build around. I know he'd prefer to build around the line, but he's a fan of first round talent at LB, something he used to bring up a lot about Keith Bulluck. Julian Peterson is a short term fix until Dizon or Lauranaitis earn the starting jobs. The only reason I'm not 100% confident about this is that I think there is a chance they go OT at #1 then trade up from #20/#33 to #8 for Stafford or Sanchez.

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Assuming good health, I'll be surprised if he's not an above average ten-year starter in this league. So, that sounds about right.

Yup, I think he will be a consistent, versatile player who makes sure tackles. However I think what this team needs is a tenacious LBer who will go out and make the big play when you need it most.

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