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Tenn. reports violation in recruiting of Alshon Jeffery


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Tenn. reports violation in recruiting of Jeffery


Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin’s failed attempt to recruit Calhoun County player and USC recruit Alshon Jeffery continues to generate headaches for the Volunteers.

A Tennessee official confirmed Thursday the school has self-reported Kiffin to the NCAA for a secondary violation, which took place when the coach called Jeffery after the Feb. 4 national signing day. Coaches are not allowed to contact athletes who sign with other schools after that date.

According to associate sports information director John Painter, Kiffin called Jeffery in March, after ESPN.com reported the coach told Jeffery the night before signing day that he would spend the rest of his life "pumping gas for a living, like all those players from that state" if he signed with the Gamecocks.

Kiffin denied the ESPN report. Later, he said publicly he had called Jeffery about the report. Kiffin claimed Jeffery confirmed the coach did not make the "pumping gas" comments.

Tennessee officials concluded Kiffin’s second call to Jeffery was a violation. The school has not received a response from the NCAA since self-reporting, Painter said.

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