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I have the option to be in section 101 or 321. Do you think it is better to be closer to the field although in the corner or to be in a high section but in the middle able to see the entire field?

take the 3rd row - you can see more...but it's cooler at the endzone when they're there to score

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That is a tough one because the atmosphere is way netter in the lower level, imo, but I hate being in the corner. You will have a hard time seeing everything. You have to think that you'll be there for every home game so you don't want to struggle to watch the game. I reluctantly say go with section 321.

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Which row in each section?

In my opinion, that will make a lot of difference in your decision. I was in 344 -row 17 for one year but have managed to move down to row 4 for the past couple of years.

Between lower level and row 17 of upper level - I would choose lower level. I didn't because I am not willing to invest that much into season tickets.

However, I will take my row 3 upper level over lower level anyday (for the price).

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