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Mock Draft


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Hierarchy of Needs

Need Starter: DT, SLB

Want Starter: TE, S, CB

Want Depth: OT, C?, OG?, DE, WLB, CB, S

Do Not Need: QB, WR, RB, MLB, FB

Hey guys, only did 4 rounds cause I figure it’s basically a crapshoot after that anyway and I’m not at all qualified to project. Besides, anyone that we draft after the 4th round isn’t going to make an impact on O/D his first season anyway, for the most part. What I struggled with is that if we take a non DT in the first round, we have to pick one up later and for the most part all the good DTs that can step in this year are going to be gone. I’m not impressed with Brace much at all, but he has the size and qualifications to help us out in the run game this year. So I tried to fill our needs first and then branch out to other areas.

Draft profiles:

Evander Hood


-- Why -- Can stop the run and hold down the fort at DT. Since we only have Trey Lewis, a former 6th rounder who is coming off major injury at the DT spot, we need at the very least a solid force on the inside.

Brian Cushing


-- Why -- Can play both OLB positions and is an elite LB prospect who can step in immediately

Clay Matthews


-- Why -- Ditto above

Ron Brace


-- Why -- Big NT who can hold down the position and stop us from getting gashed against the run. Also a hard need as mentioned above.

Tyrone McKenzie


-- Why -- OLB starter with speed and athleticism, older player who has plenty of experience on the college level and could come in and start day one.

Jarius Byrd


-- Why -- Cover 2 corner who is a great scheme fit and could contribute his first year

Trevor Canfield


-- Why -- Need depth on the O-Line, he fits in with the guys we currently have -- blue collar hard worker but still has good physical tools.

Curtis Taylor


-- Why -- Could be good on teams his first year and has starter potential athleticism. Comes from a major program with good credentials.

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