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Where's Cato June?

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is he stil a free agent? he's a playmaker no doubt. i wouldn't mind us picking him up for 2 years for 8 million. we need defensive players with playmaking skills, so far only Abraham has shown that. Chevis has shown play making abilities also, but only as the nickel CB though. we need a lb that can be a game changer, not a Brooking that is slow and constantly get beaten by TE and RBs. Not flaming on Brooking though, he's only solid at tacklings but when i look at Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher, Brooking doesn't have that kind of play making abilities, why not give Cato a shot? BTW i hope Nicholas is a beast.

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Quincy Black played the same position as Brian Urlacher in college. He was a "lobo" linebacker/safety hybrid. He is strong, fast, and a physical specimen. Kiffin was not a big fan of playing linebackers until they were ready, and quincy wasn't ready. We waited some time for Ruud, and it definitely payed off. I think this season we will see a solid or better starter from either Geno Hayes or Quincy Black.

Jermaine Philips will most likely be starting as an OLB since the switch. He tackles like a safety though, which can be both good and bad. The good is he will be laying some great hits, the bad is that he leads to often with his forearms and has suffered injuries because he sells out his body on every hit. He has great coverage skills though, which will translate well to Bates funneling scheme. He was always a force in the box in run support, lets see what he can do from 7 yards off the LOS, instead of 11.

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