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Our schedule isnt hard!

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ok look. we have a very winnable schedule. and heres why

6 games are against our division, 6 games that we can very well dominate.. no team in our division has made moves that would worry me, this off season.. Bucs new everything, nuf said. the panthers are getting OLD!!!!. the saints, i see us splitting games with them.. 5-1 in our division.

the skins are always great on paper, but that cant produce.. the only thing i worry about with them is Portis, PERIOD

GIANTS. ok ill admit that will be a tough game.

Cowboys. DR JECKEL MR HYDE. people think this team is so good because of ROMO.

EAGLES. we should have beat these dudes last year, everyone here know that , forgot the guys name, DID NOT touch that punt.

BEARS. ok i see this as a tough game, cutler, Forte, this is gonna be a good game. not to be biased ill give this one to the Bears

49ers. Nuff Said

Dolphins. good team but i think we are better and that wildcat crap wont work on us.

JETS. i like what this team is doing i think the jets will witn the AFC EAST. Jets win this game

Patroits. very tough game. if we can keep that offense of the field we will win.. upset here

Bills. Not worried at all we should have this..

i see us going 12-4

WINS Panters twice, BUCS twice, Saints once, Bills Pats Dolphins, Eagles Cowboys Skins

LOSES Saints, Giants, Bears, and Jets...

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A team last year had the same schedule and made it to the Super Bowl. Where we have the Bears they had the Vikings. This schedule doesn't scare me at all.

Although I have every faith in us, the big difference is the experience in the defense. However, that being said, I still think we will kick the back to back curse this year!

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