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NFL Pick Predictions

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I think:

Rhett Bomar to the Broncos(McD's next Cassel)

Pat White to the Colts(Colts QB of the future- in like 6 years)

Percy Havin to the Jaguars(in the 2nd)

Connor Barwin to the Patriots(even tho I want him here)

Clint Sintim to the Redskins(wouldnt mind him either)

U get the format. What are your picks?

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I would say:

Pat White to the Cowboys(Jerry Jones has been gushing about running the Wildcat next year. Could be a smokescreen)

Ramses Barden to the Titans(in the 3rd-4th. I really like Barden's hands and size and the Titans need a receiving threat)

Louis Murphy to the Bears (in the 3rd-4th. Cutler needs a true WR)

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Peria Jerry to the Lions (2nd 1st rd pick)

Raji to the Bengals (just think they want to work on their D)

Crabtree to the Raiders (it is just inevitable)

Maualuga to the Jags (just see it happening)

Harvin to................... the Bears? (why not)

That's all i got.

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