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So I'm at the Hawks Game Last Night and My Favorite Falcons Player Walks Right UP to me....

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So I'm at the Hawks Game and out of no where coming right at me was Michael Jenkins (see my sig)! I immediately stood up with enthusiasm and we both started laughing as he approached. Although we were right in the aisle when the conversation took place, he wasn't in a rush and he was very friendly. If can remember correctly, here's the conversation:

Me: Awww Man!! #12 Michael Jenkins!! You're my favorite!

Jenks: Thanks!

Me: I appreciate all you're hard work last season! Especially the Bears Game! Good Catch!

Jenks: Thanks! I appreciate that!

Me: I also started an MJ12 Fan club on the Falcons message board and it has about 30 members or so!

Jenks: Good! That's Good! I appreciate it!

.....that was it. :D

Then later at Halftime....he and T. Robiskie were kinda hangin out....so I got Jenkins to sign my Ticket! That was pretty cool!


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Haha! That's cool. I haven't met anyone from the current roster but I have met Jamal Anderson at United BMW in Duluth, and then Alge Crumpler as he was walking into the tunnel at an '02 home game against Detroit.

It's funny, when I met Alge I remember Michael Vick sauntering on by not even acknowledging any of his fans. He didn't even wave.

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