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Harvin tested positive for Marihuana


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I'll test positive for marijuana.

I don't think Pizza Hut has a drug testing program, so you've got nothing to worry about as long as you get my d*mn pizza here on time.

i figured hed slide to the bottom of round 1 one way or another anyways. you think the titans will be able to pass on him if he is there at #30? im not sure they could.

-Mr. Offseason

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At least he can claim that they are just rumors like all of the other thinks?

They haven't denied it and it has supposedly been confirmed. It is said that teams have been taking him off their draft board completely. He'll probably drop to the early second. That would be my guess. He's too talented to drop too far. I'm sure teams are interviewing him big time on it trying to find out if it will be an ongoing problem or something he can stop. Pretty stupid though.

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