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We Got Screwed!


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Did yall know we play four teams coming off bye weeks??

Have a little faith/ :rolleyes:

also any body even getting near Bradys legs hes going to be gun shy, Carson palmer was his first year back even with the brady rule. They could have a player fall down in front of him might scare him to throw the ball. Once you have your leg torn up like that once, you don't want a repeat. Also the Dolphins and Panthers are not strong especially what the Panthers are going thru. Stuck with peppers in Salary cap ****. They lose him alot of their pass rush is gone. ;) The dolphins had a easier schedule last year then we did.

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everybody plays somebody coming off a bye week, some teams will play us when we come of ours won't they?

Not every team. For some unknown reason, both the super bowl teams, Steelers, Cardinals, and even the Pats. don't play any teams coming of a bye week.

This seems suspect. I just hope we can at least go 9-7

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c'mon people get over it already!...its time to step up to the plate and face the big boys

I gotta agree with this.

If you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

The Falcons are still in 'the process' or whatever they now call it, but bring on the competition. It will only make ATL a better team.

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