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PFT: Falcons host the Bears on a Sunday Night Game!


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I don't understand why they're coming back to the dome after just being here last year. Kind weird. Usually they alternate.

Doesn't matter - most of their games are home games. The fans there are all over the place. They move out of that cold place as fast as they can.

There will be a lot of Bears fan at the game. We have to shut them up fast and be louder!

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Bears with a real QB... Will make a solid game.

You fans better make us proud on national TV... keep Madden quiet!

Cutler is overrated, eventhough he has been better than Vince Young and Matt Leinart, he doesn't have Denver's Offense to run with. He has 0 WRs all he has is Matt Forte. Cutler will get exposed by having a 17 td to 18 int season next year.

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