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Scott Wright's new mock

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1. Ziggy Hood

2. Shawn Nelson

3. Marcus Freeman

I would be ok with Hood, but I am not really happy with the other two picks. I like Freeman, but I can't see us drafting him.

Overall I really hope our draft doesn't start like this :(

On a different note the pats select:

1. Rey Maualaluga

2a. Louis Delmas

2b. Connor Barwin

3a. Richard Quinn (who?)

3b. Coye Francies

yikes that would be sick

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Like the 3rd rounder ... don't like the other 2 picks. Hood isn't worth a 1st rounder and Nelson would need a year of work on blocking skill till he could really help us and he's not a "slash-type" player ... if we have to go receiving TE, with little to no blocking skills, that early (which I would really hate), I'd prefer Cook, at least he could play some WR till he learns how to block.

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Don't like the hood pick. If we are gonna draft a DT at 24, I would prefer Peria Jerry.

I like Nelson. There are a lot of putting him down due to his lack of blocking skills, but that is not that big of an issue. I can think of a couple of TEs who had blocking issues and contributed greatly, as a receiver and a blocker, during their rookie season. Randy McMichael is the first one that pops into my mind.

He can keep Marcus Freeman. The only Ohio State player I'm interested in is Cam Heyward, and he has one more season before he is draft eligible.

It is obvious that Scott Wright has gone off the deep end. There is no way that Phil Loadholt gets drafted in the first round! Aaron Maybin and Robert Ayers are not gonna get drafted before Everette Brown. I don't see the Bills drafting Brandon Pettigrew at 11th. I see the Bengals drafting Raji not Andre Smith.

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