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A 1st on Pettigrew, a 2nd on Gonzalez, or a 3rd on [TE draft pick]?

A 1st on Pettigrew, a 2nd on Gonzalez, or a 3rd on [TE draft pick]?  

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  1. 1. ?

    • 1=BP
    • 2=Tony G.
    • 3= TE draft pick

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I don't want a TE in the draft, but if we can get Gonzalez then I'd absolutely take him. Taking a TE high in the draft that may or may not develop into what you expect is one thing, taking a future HOF TE who will be an immediate impact player is another. I'd do the Gonzalez trade and then take James Laurinaitis in the 1st. :P

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Out of these options ... 1st on Pettigrew ... a 2nd is too much for a guy that might have between 1 and 3 good years left and has a huge contract (his extension was 5y for 35mil in 2007) ... and while the TE class might be deep, it's only deep on receiving TEs with little to no blocking skills in rounds 2-5 (or 6) and if we line them up, everybody already knows what kind of play we plan.

But, if we don't take Pettigrew, I'm still warming up on drafting Cook in the 2nd as slash-type player ... not to line him up as TE, but to have him as slot-receiver till he either wins a spot as WR or develops blocking skills so he can play TE in the NFL.

Edit: To talk money again ... even if TG's contract isn't that backloaded, there will be about 22-25mil left over 3 years ... the #24pick last season (Chris Johnson) got a 5y contract worth 12mil overall. So also from a cap standpoint it would be better to draft BP than trading for TG.

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There is probably a good chance that one or more of the following will be available in the third round:

James Casey, Rice

Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss

Cornelius Ingram, Florida

Jared Cook, South Carolina

Travis Beckum, Wisconsin

Chase Coffman, Missouri

I think any of these guys would be a good compliment to the blocking TEs we already have (Hartsock/Peele).

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