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Mike Detillier Draft Report 2009

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My roommate who is a Saints fan bought this "draft guide" from some guy named Mike Detillier. I don't know much about the guy, but this guide that he bought from the guy is about 200 pages and is a 4 rd mock draft for every team. I think its decent, but i don't really like it that much. Tell me what you think.

1st- Brandon Pettigrew- TE

2nd- Marcus Freeman- OLB

3rd- Michael Hamlin- SS

4th- Victor Harris- CB

Interesting notes:

Larry English went 48th to the Broncos

Clint Sintim went 25th to the Dolphins

Michael Johnson went 51st to the Cowboys

Lawrence Sidbury Jr went 95th to Arizona

I thought English would go alot earlier and Sintim would go later

Suprised that MJ made it all the way to 51

I also thought that Sidbury would be picked in mid 2nd.

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51 is about right for Johnson, maybe a bit high. It's the playoff teams in round two, meaning teams that can afford to take a chance on such an inconsistent prospect.

As for our selections, I'm fine with Pettigrew, depending on who else is available at #24. Which LBs are off the board by then? I like Macho Harris in the fourth, but I would much rather take Sidbury than Hamlin in the third. I also wouldn't spend a second round pick on Freeman. Is Chung on the board when we pick in the second? What about Herman Johnson?

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I think MJ needs a new PR rep. In the 5 mocks on cbssportsline.com, Johnson didn't make the first in any of them.

Yeah i am working on that, but it is better for the falcons so he can go unnoticed and slide to us at 24. The analysts might not have him mocked but the coaches and scouts know what is up. i Have seen at least 5 mocks that have him going in the 1st round.

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BWAHAHAHAHA! You should come with a two drink minimum. Yes, I'm sure coaches will totally know what's up about a guy with lousy game film.

Keep doubting, and keep laughing. My opinion is not going to change, I have seen enough to know and I am pretty sure that you know there is a premium on pass rushers. This draft is not going to consist of alot of everydown DE that are going to come in and contribute equally against the run and the pass. The only back that can do that is Ayers, but you forfiet some of the pass rush. I know that you like Ayers, but he will not upgrade our pass rush as much as MJ will, you got to face the fact, let go of your hate for mj and get ready to buy a Micheal Johnson Falcons jersey, I got $5 on it for you, see how much of a nice guy I am. :D

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