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A truly sad day in America...


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Porn star Marilyn Chambers found dead in L.A. County home

By Andrew Blankstein

Marilyn Chambers, a former Ivory Snow detergent model who became a porn star, died Sunday at her Canyon Country home. She was 56.

Chambers, whose real name is Marilyn Ann Taylor, was found unresponsive at 8:51 p.m. at her residence it the 16000 block of Vasquez Canyon, said Los Angeles County coroner's spokesman Ed Winter. The cause of death is under investigation but foul play was not suspected and an autopsy is pending.

Chambers became a pop culture phenomenon when she gave up work as a model advertising Ivory Snow laundry detergent to star in the X-rated "Behind the Green Door" in 1972.

The movie also sparked a buying frenzy on boxes of Ivory Snow soap, then graced by Chambers' angelically complexioned face.


Behind the Green Door, Insatiable, & Insatiable II are some of the greatest X-rated movies ever made... :(

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About 1980 a band I was in was playing at a party and they had the first VCR I had ever seen as well as the first porno I had ever seen. Showing was the trifecta--Behind the Green Door, Deep Throat and the Devil and Miss Jones as well as, of all things, Alien. Marilyn was a good sport. Lovelace has been dead for years...killed in a car crash.

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