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Tony for a 2nd isnt that bad, makes our O very good

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If we send a 2nd rd. pick to the Chiefs for Tony we get a TE that we know will have over 500 yds and atleast 5 TD's. And i'm not knocking Peele or Hartsock but Tony can do everything they can but way better. And if this happens it shows us atleast 2 things.

1. TD and Co. know something about our D that makes them feel very comfortable giving up a starter in the 2nd.


2. Someone on the team might get traded to get that 2nd rd. pick back.

If we get Tony and Jenkins is on the board at 24 or any top value CB's( but I hope Jenkins is there) We could probably see TD trade Houston or anything that has enough value to get us a 2nd rd. pick back.

For me I hope our draft looks like:

1. Malcom Jenkins

2. Ron Brace

3. Micheal Hamlin

4. Best value OLB

5. Best value TE that TD thinks can be our future TE

6. OL/DL

7. OL/DL

I know that would make us even more young and inexperienced in the Secondary but wow I think the future is bright with that secondary.

Brace can play the run very well. and I believe the FO thinks Lewis can get the job done. Hamlin is a guy I really like and I believe he can be our future SS and maybe start this year, but time will tell. Add a SLB to come in for Peterson in 2 years and I think our D will look very good not only next year but this year to.

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Yeah but as much as TD and Coach Smith say we are still rebuilding I think they know we are very close to the Super Bowl. And they can take a chance on TG because we know he will produce and he's never won a SB, and we know how that goes great players never win a SB get trded win one then retire, and I am all for that.

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