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James Harrison - A Draft Day Lesson

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As most have heard by now, James Harrison just agreed to a $50+ million contract with the Steelers. If you recall, he's the LB who turned this past Super Bowl around with the famous 100 yard interception against the Cardinals, which created a HUGE turning point in the game.

Here's a guy from Kent State, undrafted in 2002 who struggled so bad early on in his career with Pittsburgh that for the first two years he was only on their practice squad and at times when he was offered a chance to finally play in games............special teams only...........he was so unsure of himself he actually asked the coaches NOT to play him.

The Steelers saw something in him and stuck with him and the rest is history.

On Draft Day, sometimes your future Pro Bowl players don't necessarily have to be early round picks.

Like the Steelers, I think Thomas Dimitroff realizes this.

Check out this interesting history on James Harrison :


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